Knokke-Heist, Belgium

Knokke-Heist is a municipality located in the Belgian province of West Flanders. The municipality comprises the towns of Heist-aan-Zee, Knokke, Duinbergen, Ramskapelle and Westkapelle. On January 1, 2006 Knokke-Heist had a total population of 34,063. The total area is 56.44 km² which gives a population density of 603 inhabitants per km². Knokke-Heist is located in a polders area on the Belgian border with the Netherlands. It is one of Belgium’s better known and more affluent seaside resort.

Knokke is famous for its long sandy beaches and seaside promenade lined with cafés and restaurants. The area known as Het Zoute (Le Zoute in French) includes the exclusive Royal Zoute Golf Club, located in the dunes, and an impressive collection of summer villas and mansions.

 Knokke is home to the Zwin, a 158 ha coastal nature reserve. This large salt-water marsh area is also a protected bird sanctuary. The Sincfala museum, located in Heist, documents the regional history and way of life. A butterfly garden (Vlindertuin ) was established near Moeder Siska, a coffehouse made famous for its clover-shaped waffles, the recipe of which dates from 1892.

 Knokke-Heist is home to more than 40 art galleries. The Kneistival, a free and week-long music festival, has taken place every July since 1986. Also famous ist he Festival international du cinéma expérimental de Knokke-le-Zoute (Experimental Film festival).


When you need a real break, try the Knokke-heist experience!
What does Knokke-Heist offer? In one word: everything! Food & Fun, shopping & relaxation, and so much to do on land and on water. For older or younger adults - and the kids too of course. A stay in Knokke-Heist is great for your body and great for your mind: feel the sand between your toes and savour the lobster on your taste buds. Just relax and enjoy the experience.

A little word association? Knokke-Heist: fun. Relax along over seven and a half miles of blond sands, shop in one of the hundreds of smart boutiques, or treat your taste buds in one of the two hundred and fifty restaurants. Not forgetting the dozens of galleries. Knokke-Heist is quite the destination for anyone who lives for life.

Plenty to capture the imagination of young minds.
Music festivals, a colourful carnival, an energetic atmosphere and the nightlife. Whatever you’re looking for: it all makes Knokke-Heist the beach resort where there’s always something going on. Need an example? Kneistival is our annual free rock and pop festival. Our International Firework festival World Bolle or visit our entertaining Folkloristic Market…Non-stop action and brimming of energy or calm and relaxed. Knokke-Heist is whatever you want it to be.


Shopping is a favourite pastime for visitors to Knokke-Heist. When you walk from the station into the Lippenslaan, you are in for a long trip leading through the Dumortierlaan down to the end of the Kustlaan. Here you will find more than 1,500 more or less exclusive shops, over a distance of a few kilometres. You can also shop here on Sundays. It doesn't need repeating that Knokke-Heist is THE shopping venue on the coast.


Knokke-Heist is also very active! Knokke-Heist is brimming with energy. The seaside resort is an excellent water sports centre. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, beach volley, the beaches of Knokke-Heist make you want to have active and recreational fun. Feel like accepting the sporting challenge of the Zwin triathlon? Or do you prefer to shake it all about during an intensive hour of beach aerobics? Or maybe you prefer to go full out and play an exciting game of beach soccer? In short, a fun young range in an ever tranquil setting.
Knokke-Heist has one of the nicest and biggest golf courses (two times 18 holes) and lots of tennis courts!


Henri loves to shower on court


Linger over dinner in a trendy or chic restaurant or have a quick hearty bite in a friendly pub. There are as many menus as there are eateries. Just choose what you want and spoil yourself.
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Optima Open 2015

Yannick Noah, Henri Leconte et d'autres légendes du tennis se sont retrouvées lors de l'Optima Open en Belgique pour un show plein de bonne humeur.
Certaines anciennes gloires du tennis n'ont rien perdu de leurs qualités. C'est le cas de Yannick Noah et d'Henri Leconte qui continuent à régaler les fans de la balle jaune lors de tournois exhibitions comme ce week-end, lors de l'Optima Open à Knokke (Belgique).
Outre la venue de la légende Pete Sampras, finalement battu par Xavier Malisse, il y avait un autre événement de l'Optima Open. Habitués à faire rire les courts du monde entier, Yannick Noah - toujours les cheveux courts - et Mansour Bahrami affrontaient en effet Henri Leconte et Pat Cash, défaits 8-7 (7-5). Coups entre les jambes, galipettes, échanges assis sur une chaise, fausses altercations... Avec leur numéro parfaitement rodé, les ex-stars de la balle jaune ont amusé la galerie et fait exploser l'applaudimètre. "Merci à tous d'être venus supporter les vieux", a ainsi lâché Yannick Noah, toujours présent dans le classement des personnalités préférées des Français, au micro à la fin du match.

Yannick Noah, Henri Leconte and other tennis legends were in Knokke-Heist, Belgium at the Optima Open.
Yannick Noah and Henri Leconte who continue to delight tennis fans during exhibitions tournaments like this weekend during the ATP Championstour in Knokke.
The legend Pete Sampras finally was defeated by Xavier Malisse. Yannick Noah - still short hair - and magic trick master Mansour Bahrami faced Henri Leconte and Pat Cash in doubles and defeated them 8-7 (7-5). Shots between the legs, playing tennis whilst sitting on a chair and much more ... With their perfectly rehearsed number, former stars of the yellow ball entertained the gallery and blew up the applause. "Thank you all for coming to support us," said Yannick Noah.


Henri Leconte's friend Boris Becker talks about tennis & his life